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We now offer programs to meet every economic, time and athletic demand. 

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Why is Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. the leader in Sports Performance Training since 1998?

The primary reason is that we know a template based program just does not fit every athlete's needs. Systems developed in the 1980's are no longer cutting edge. One standardized system cannot cover individual physiological differences in age, maturity and gender. Here are some more:

1. Individualized and scientifically designed & time tested training programs

All of our programs are overseen by Ed Wietholder, well known speed and sports performance coach to numerous athletes across Pennsylvania. These are developed in conjunction with his head performance coaches and are based on the results of the athlete’s assessment, not what a chart or protocol may call for. Ed and his staff are well aware that each individual is unique and that programs must be designed for each individual’s physiology, gender and sport. One size does not fit all.

2. A Functional assessment

You need a map to tell you where you are going. You need a starting point and the best route to reach your destination. We take baseline measures so that we can measure the routine’s effectiveness over time. Resisted and assisted work is extremely reinforcing to the nervous system. Corrective strength and nervous system reeducation are in order for most athletes at the initiation of their program before habits are reinforced.

3. Individual tracking and ongoing fine tuning and progression

Every athlete has his or her own private database in which each workout is tracked and reevaluated over time. Athletes change and so does the workout stimulus. We have records for our athletes from the time that they are in grade school through college!

4. Guaranteed personal attention from the coach

Athletes train in one on one settings unless specified by the athlete. We perform small group training if the athlete wishes to train with a group of teammates or friends with similar goals. We perform assessments on each individual in the group and we recommend whether or not the athletes should form a group or not. Quality before quantity!

5. Fully functional facilities without the fluff!

Each of our facilities are 3,000 – 5,000 square feet with sprint tracks, agility areas, strength training areas, and core training areas. Our facilities are equipped with all that you need for a fully functional, no nonsense training session.

6. An open line of communication with the Sports Performance Director

Any questions parents or athletes have regarding training can be answered via email, in person, or the telephone. This gives the athletes and parents the opportunity to better understand the program and outcomes.

7. We are continuously improving and adding to our knowledge base

We strive to always offer our clients the best of what’s available in the sports performance, health and fitness industries. Current trends are evaluated and implemented if deemed appropriate.

Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. gets you off of the bench and into the game!