Our Story

I have been involved in the acquisition of knowledge regarding the enhancement of athletic strength, conditioning, speed and other attributes for over 30 years. One might say that it is a passion of mine. I have perused literally thousands of journals and books for new information that may be applied to enhance my client’s results. Routines that I design are the end product of this knowledge combined with common sense application.

During much of this period I was a Pre-Medical school candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. I graduated cum laude in 1988, was accepted at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and decided to do research before entering. I spent 1 year doing research for the University of Pittsburgh Medical School and subsequently decided to learn how to be a Perfusionist. A Perfusionist works in the operating room running heart lung bypass machines that keep patients alive while a surgeon performs open heart surgery or heart/ lung transplantation.

I had the good fortune to work with a gifted Perfusion team and many outstanding surgeons while at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh . I also saw many miracles taking place under the auspices of many gifted and talented individuals. During this time, my passion towards fitness, strength, and athleticism was satiated by writing for fitness magazines, reading medical and health journals such as the Journal of Applied Physiology, and designing routines for individuals on a freelance basis. I also obtained certifications in Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise and Strength and Conditioning for Sport through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

In 1998, I decided that I needed to pursue my passion all out and began taking steps to start up Strength, Fitness And Speed. In April of 1999 I started the business and was a perfusionist by day and a Strength and Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer by night. Training was performed in an addition that I built on my house. Off site work was done in every imaginable parking lot and basketball court in South Park that you could imagine. When the snow flew, I discovered a covered grove with a nice 60 foot runway. Old building #4 at the South Park Fairgrounds was also utilized. For many of our clients back in the day they remember how cold it was in there!! I was also on call for emergencies and transplants 24 hours per day, 7 days per week every other week during this time. As the business grew, I was running out of time and energy. In March 2000, I left the Hospital to devote the necessary time to expanding the business and to fulfill the pursuit of my passion.

In July 2001, I began using the current Pleasant Hills location to train athletes. As demand grew I began to assemble a staff that was chosen primarily for passion and character as well as certification and education. We were also proud to be part of WPIAL and State Championship runs with TJ and South Park Football and Soccer. We also trained half of Bethel Park Football’s offense during their WPIAL run. With many athletes traveling from as far as Greensburg and Mars school districts, I decided to expand to North Irwin in September 2005. The 5000 square foot facility there is growing strong and is noted for its emphasis on results and quality over quantity.

In 2007 I was approached by Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth to become part of their team. Our 3rd location came to be in June 2009. The SFAS program is blended into their AAU program and is beginning to spread to neighboring school districts.

I receive emails and calls from clients all over the United States and have corresponded with individuals in the UK as well as Australia . I have trained NFL athletes and have caught football with a Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl winner. I have trained athletes that have hit game winning shots at the buzzer in NCAA tournament action. I have received texts from athletes after bowl game victories thanking me and asking what else they can do to get to the next level. I have been truly blessed to follow my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than watching the development of a student athlete as they progress through junior and senior high school, college and out into their path in life. Since my company has been around for 12 years I have been honored to watch this cycle with many of our clients. Many student clients that I trained back when we started are now married with children!! At Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc, we continue to evolve and improve and will always build better athletes one at a time.

Ed Wietholder
Proud President and Founder
Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc.