Meet the Staff

Edward Wietholder, B.S., CSCS, CPT, President, Head Performance Director, Head Sports Performance Coach Pleasant Hills
Ed Wietholder is the founder and owner of Strength Fitness and Speed. Ed has trained many junior high school, high school, collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes from across the U.S. In addition, many have benefited from his routine design and consultation across the country.
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Jake Wietholder, CPT, Sports Performance Coach

Jake graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Exercise Science. He is currently pursuing his doctorate of Physical Therapy at Mount Union. Coach Jake's ability to connect with our athletes and vast experience makes him a valuable member of our team. Jake has been trained as an athlete by our staff for over 12 years. His ability to use this experience in conjunction with the latest training methodologies is one of his strong abilities. Jake also is in the top 3 in many categories of athleticism in SFAS history.

Sarah Monroe, B.S., Sports Performance Coach

Bill Stewart, B.S., USAW Level 1 Coach, Sports Performance Coach

Chris Serrao, Sports Performance Coach
Chris currently attends the University of Pittsburgh, where he is working toward his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology. He has studied fitness and coaching for years through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Nationals Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine. He has been an athlete his whole life, playing basketball, volleyball, and football in the Thomas Jefferson School District, though he found his niche in the weight room. Chris has served as the Vice President of the Pitt Powerlifting Team and competes at the national level, boasting lifts of a 545 lb back squat, a 355 lb bench press, and a 600 lb deadlift. He has the ability to coach at all different levels, acting as a strength coach to several Division 1 athletics programs at Pitt, high schools in the South Hills, and young novices

Drew Ohm, Sports Performance Coach

Josh Wietholder, Sports Performance Coach

Anthony Winkler, Sports Performance Coach