What is the procedure?

Here at Strength, Fitness And Speed, we work with clients ages 9 and up. We work with student athletes up through the professional and Olympic levels. We also work with adults of all ages not necessarily interested in sports performance.
Step 1) Evaluate: The client receives a functional assessment. This is done by appointment. The client chooses their training options in conjunction with The Sports Performance Director. Routines are mapped out by the Sports Performance Director.
Step 2) Implement: Performance coaches implement training routines during the client's mode of training whether it be private, semi-private or small group. The results of the assessment as well as the client’s goals or sport, age and position have been taken into account. Clients train here 1-5 times per week. We strive to set up long term relationships to facilitate total development. Many athletes progress here for years at a time reaching new levels each season.
Step 3) Ongoing evaluation: Performance coaches evaluate as we go, provide feedback to the Performance Director, and adjustments are made workout to workout based on sport season by the Performance Director. Each workout has been specifically designed to accomplish certain goals. Testing is done at approximately 8 to 10 week intervals initially.

Step 4) Performance reports: These will be sent out periodically to show progress.

Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. treats all of the athletes here as individuals. The “cookie cutter”, standardized approach will never be adopted at this company.  

How long does the program last?

Most athletes here train year round for maximal performance. In season training is recommended to maintain or even gain additional speed and quickness. Off season is when an athlete can really train intensely to maximize athleticism.


Assessment Testing FAQs

What is the functional assessment?
Most every athlete that enters our program for the first time is a physical mystery to us. The assessment is our procedure for completely assessing your athlete. It allows us to examine the athlete's current level of ability. We are also given the starting point to constantly assess progress through our program. There are many abilities that are assessed during the evaluation. We assess motor control and motor learning with the introduction of our active dynamic warm up. We examine linear running mechanics and determine the causes for limitation in form. We test the athletes in the 10 yard dash to examine acceleration. We test the vertical jump and 6 broad jump test to examine lower body power. We test the pro agility to assess stopping and starting. We test balance on the wobble board. We examine lower abdominal strength and assess full body flexibility as well.  
Do I have to do the assessment? Why?
Yes. It is a mandatory policy for every athlete that joins our team to go through our evaluation process. It provides valuable information and provides a starting point.

When can I do an assessment?
You can call 412-653-7970 or sign up at the front desk for the next available evaluation that meets with your schedule. The evaluations are offered most days of the week at varied hours. 
How long is an assessment?
The testing process can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour or so.