SFS Sports Performance Conditioning Process:

Here at Strength, Fitness And Speed, we work with athletes ages 9 through the Olympic and Professional ranks.

Athletes in sports primarily use fast twitch muscles and explosive movements. Steady state training or continuous training detracts from an athlete’s explosive qualities that make he or she unique. Intermediate fiber can be taught to go in the marathoner’s direction as opposed to the sprinter’s direction.

Athletes here require breaks (3 parts rest to 1 part work) during training to facilitate usage of fast twitch, athletic fiber. These explosive workouts are not to be confused with conditioning workouts, which are needed but employ an entirely different methodology. One feels worked after a speed workout but not totally exhausted as after a conditioning workout. There are ways to “work” during rest.

Step 1) Evaluate: The athlete receives a functional assessment. The Sports Performance Director designs a routine specifically for that individual based on results and sport. If work is needed to be tracked for the athlete outside of the facility, this is also an option(see at home tracking).

Step 2) Implement: Performance coaches implement these routines during 1 on 1 sessions. The results of the assessment as well as the athlete’s sport, age and position have been taken into account. Athletes train here 1-5 times per week. We strive to set up long term relationships to facilitate total development.

Step 3) Ongoing evaluation: Performance coaches evaluate as we go, provide feedback to the Performance Director, and adjustments are made workout to workout based on sport season by the Performance Director. Each workout has been specifically altered to accomplish certain goals. Testing is done at approximately 8 week intervals initially.

Step 4) Performance reports: These will be sent out periodically to show progress

Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. treats all of the athletes here as individuals. The “cookie cutter”, standardized approach will never be adopted at this company.