Edward Wiethdolder


Ed Wietholder is the founder and President of Strength Fitness and Speed, Inc. which opened in 1998. Previously Ed consulted for Workouts by Wietholder from 1990-1998 while a Perfusionist at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Ed has trained thousands of clients from the Pittsburgh area. In addition, many have benefited from his routine design and consultation across the United States.


Jake Wietholder

CPT, Sports Performance Coach

Jake graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Exercise Science. He is currently in his final year pursuing his doctorate of Physical Therapy at Mount Union. Coach Jake's ability to connect with our athletes and vast experience training athletes for over 6 years makes him a valuable member of our team. In addition, Jake has been trained as an athlete by our staff for over 12 years. His ability to use this experience in conjunction with the latest training methodologies and corrective exercise modalities are his strongest abilities. Jake also is in the top 5 in many categories of athleticism in SFAS history.

Chris Serrao

Sports Performance Coach

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is now in their doctorate of Physical Therapy program. He has studied for years through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine. An athlete his whole life, Chris played basketball, volleyball, and football. He has served as the Vice President of the Pitt Powerlifting Team and competes at the national level, boasting lifts of a 545 pound back squat, a 355 pound bench press, and a 600 pound deadlift. He has also served as a strength coach to several College teams.

Bill Stewart

B.S., USAW Level 1 Coach, Sports Performance Coach

Coach Bill has been with us at SFAS for over 4 years. He coached locally in the Union Finley football program for many years. Bill played his college football at California University and is a student of the game. Bill is known for his persistence and toughness and will get the most out of every athlete that he trains. Coach Bill is our resident Olympic Lifting expert and has taken athletes’ lifts from novice to skilled smoothly and efficiently.

Sarah Monroe

BS, Kinesiology-Movement science Option, NASM CPT

Coach Sarah has been with us at SFAS for over 4 years. She brings a toughness to her training but has the ability to also make it fun. Sarah is very creative with her motivational and training techniques. Sarah has done a lot of team training for us and she also runs a very productive Adult Boot Camp.

Drew Ohm

Sports Performance Coach, BS-Health and PE/Fitness

Coach Drew has a unique position in that he was a client here during his high school days. He knows our system very well since he has experienced it firsthand. Drew played football, basketball and did track locally at South Park High School. Drew was an accomplished collegiate athlete at Monmouth and Slippery Rock and competed in the Pole Vault. He is now also a PE Teacher in the North Hills. Coach Drew gets the most out of every athlete that he trains.

Josh Wietholder

Sports Performance Coach

Coach Josh has been training for us at SFAS for over 2 years now. Josh was a client here as a middle and high school athlete for over 9 years. Josh played football, basketball and soccer in high school and was a member of the South Park 2015 WPIAL Championship Soccer team. Josh is currently pursuing his degree as a PA at Chatham University and also wants to be a Performance Coach for the rest of his career. Coach Josh relates very well to our athletes as he was in their shoes not too long ago.

Anthony Winkler

Sports Performance Coach

Anthony is presently attending California University and is a pitcher on their baseball team. He has spent many years as an athlete training at SFAS and is a student of the strength and Sports Performance game. Anthony knows the value of earning every mph through smart training be it his bat or throwing arm. Coach Anthony gets the most out of every athlete that he trains.



Let common sense and solid, scientifically designed exercise routines and dietary changes work your miracles. We can take your physique and tone it and shape it to the extreme or any fraction of extreme that you like. Small, consistent improvements are
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